Drmn' Trance Vibrator is now for sale.

The Drmn' Trance Vibrator is a limited edition hobbyist project, now being offered for sale in limited quantities. This is NOT a mass-market commercial product! Each one is hand-assembled in the USA by extremely overqualified (and underpaid ;) lab monkeys.

V2 is here!

Drmn' Trance Vibrator V2 features an industry standard USB "mini-B" port for the computer connection and a modular 2.5mm phono plug for the vibrating attachment. You can use the included bullet vibrator or attach a custom device using the supplied solderable jack.

The Drmn' Trance Vibrator is a USB-controlled vibrator designed for use with the original Rez, an audiovisual shooter game for the PlayStation 2. (It does not work with Rez HD for the Xbox360, because support for USB devices was not enabled in this version.) It's a compatible replacement for the (now discontinued) vibrator peripheral made by ASCII Entertainment, included with the "Special Package" version of the game. It is intended for use with the Rez game, however, it will work with any other software that follows the Rez USB protocol, including PC software. (The PS2 games Space Channel 5: Part 2 and the Japanese version of Disaster Report are believed to use the same protocol; compatability will be verified soon as I can get my hands on a copy.) If you have some experience with C/C++ (or any computer language you can use to access a computer's USB port), you can write your own vibrator control application. Please refer to the Resources page for more information.

The Drmn' Trance Vibe features a modular vibrating bullet as the active element. This can be used as-is, or inserted into a pad or cushion (not provided) to more closely match the form-factor of the original ASCII vibe, e.g. for placement in a shirt pocket, seat cushion, etc. The applications are limited only by your imagination.

The Drmn Trance Vibe is sold as a novelty only. All Drmn' products are tested to ensure functionality and performance before shipping. Due to the novel nature of this product, we cannot accept returns.

Important: If using the Trance Vibrator with software for a PC, please double-check that the software is compatible with your Operating System and the Rez/Drmn Trance Vibe. Don't forget to download any necessary drivers (since many users have no use for one, the products below do not include a physical driver CD). Check your software's documentation for which driver software (if any) is required.

If you use Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 or other 64-bit Microsoft OS, please read the Vista x64 Compatibility Page.

Drmn' Trance Vibrator - Economical Stimulus Package ($34.99) Sorry, sold out! A new run of controllers is in progress; please check back around Nov. 15.
This complete package contains everything you need to get up and running. Contains one Drmn' Trance Vibe controller, 4" Dominator Bullet vibrator, USB cable and a solderable accessory plug for custom attachments.

Drmn' Trance Vibrator - Controller Only ($29.99) Sorry, sold out! A new run of controllers is in progress; please check back around Nov. 15.
Packaged in an attactive (and 100% work-safe!) translucent case, the controller provides a 5VDC, ratiometric PWM output, both powered and controlled via the USB port. You can safely attach most any passive load - resistive (lamps), capacitive or inductive (e.g. motors, vibromotors), even a sustained dead short - the USB host is protected by 10-ohm series resistance and fast-acting fuse. Ideal for industrial, scientific and research applications requiring PC or Internet-based process control on the quick and cheap. As seen at the 2007 Embedded Systems Conference - Drmn' Trance Vibrator provided an adjustable vibration source for an energy harvesting demonstration.

4" Dominator Bullet with 2.5mm jack ($4.50)
If you're looking for that extra something, this 4-inch bullet delivers. The heavily weighted motor provides a deep, lower-frequency vibration (specs and sound coming soon). And no - you don't have to use the whole thing.

6-foot USB2.0 Mini-B Cable ($2.80)
Often used on PDAs and cameras; seldom findable when you need it. Might as well stock up... (TIP: USB cables should only cost a few bucks, anything more is pure markup. Never buy them from a place that also sells cable-less USB printers and scanners! They cut a razor-thin margin on the gadget and make it up on the cable at up to $20-$30 a pop. Ridiculous.)

2.5mm Mono Solder Plug with strain relief ($1.50) (Digikey p/n CP3-1004-ND)
With this plug and a cheap soldering iron (not included), you can attach most commercially available vibrators and other devices not designed for Drmn' Trance Vibrator. Just clip off the original connection, strip the wire ends back about 1/8", slide the strain relief onto the wire, and solder this new plug in place of the original. Be sure to slide on the strain relief before you solder! (If you need to buy a bunch of these, it's probably best and cheaper to use the Digikey link above. I only keep a small supply on-hand.)

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Shipping: Drmn' orders are shipped from the United States via USPS First Class, Priority or Air Mail (depending on whether it's an international order and how long the lines are at the post office), in a plain padded envelope. Customs declarations (if applicable) will correctly describe the product(s) inside as DC motors and motor controllers. Drmn' products are hand-assembled in small batches; please allow up to 5 weekdays for your order to ship-out. Large orders (yeah right!) may be subject to leadtime.

Big Warnings to International Customers (outside the USA):
1) A bored postmaster may consider your parcel an adult product if it contains a vibrator bullet. Some countries (many ending in -stan) have restrictions on sending adult products through the mail. If even remotely in doubt, check with your country's postal service before ordering! By placing an Drmn' order, you assert that the products are legal to sell, own and mail to your country, and hold the Seller harmless for any problems arising from postal restrictions in your jurisdiction.
2) Some countries require the recipient of a parcel to pay taxes or import duties on it. If yours is one of them, keep this in mind before ordering! Since we don't know how each country defines 'value' (and we don't like jail), the value declared on the Customs form will be equal to the price you paid.

Privacy Guarantee
Customer information and order details will be used ONLY to fulfill your order, answer your inquiries, or provide information directly concerning your order. This information will not be disclosed to third parties except where necessary to fulfill your order (e.g. PayPal, the post office) or to comply with the law. Your information will not be shared or sold to marketers or other third parties, and you will not be signed up for any newsletters, ours or otherwise. (You paid for your order; where do companies get the idea it's OK to cash in on your contact information too?)

Good, clean fun: All Drmn' products offered here are lead-free and RoHS compliant. At the end of their life, please observe local electronics recycling procedures.
Drmn' Trance Vibrator is a product of the USA, made from foreign and domestic materials.

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